Chaos Lanes EP

by Decode the Design

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released December 24, 2012

Jesse Macharper - Vocals
Liam Engl - Guitars
Geoff Clark - Guitars/Synths
Ben Levy - Bass
Greg Skinner - Drums

Recorded during the year 2012 in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.
Mixed by Geoff and Jesse.
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic @ Systematic Productions.
Artwork and direction by Oliver Wilkinson and Geoff.
Additional photos supplied by Chris Jongkind @ Tokyoform.

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Decode the Design Christchurch, New Zealand

Through dynamic riffs, fluid melodies, grooving rhythms and digital atmospheres, Decode the Design creates the soundtrack to the massive cities of the future.

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Track Name: Chaos Lanes
Here we are, free in neon night
Lights are streaming past our eyes
Enigmatic and undefined
Such speed feels so damn electrified
Desire fills my life

Flying fast on chaos lanes...

Fly through these lights
Feel the air in me
Adrenaline is mine
Fill the air in me

Twisting forward, beyond the bound
No one can ever catch us
Now we ascend the speed of sound
Distort the barriers of conventional control
Now in phase with the overload
My soul will align with machine

Fall through the seam
We've come to find, we are blind
Re-align and see

Translate the dream
Transcend this stream
Energy flows inside of me

Inside of me

Fly through these lights
Feel the air in me
Adrenaline is mine
Fill the air in me

I will go
To the place
Where my existence grows
Flying fast on chaos lanes...

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